2009 m. rugpjūčio 26 d., trečiadienis

My normal day!

after 2 alarms (some snoozed alarms) finally i wake up! open eye by eye, then curtain by curtain and let sun in. quick shower, a bit of breakfast and ready to go to the train station!

even as i take more or less the same way from home to the train station, all days differ as the poop bombs are located in different places! so you are not able to walk watching the sky/cute boys/nice buildings, you have to concentrate into the sidewalk and bombs! and amazing smell!

20-25 minutes of reading a book/ listening to music/ chatting and i'm in Monaco. some more walking up to the office. and then all day in there! the hottest part of the day is spend in there:

my comfortable chair! 2 lovely screens! and huge table! and office full of nice people - always something fun happening around!

Lunch time! not a big variety of places to go to eat around the office - French place: salads (15 EUR) hot dishes (17 EUR) and a glass of wine with that! i'm getting used to this! Indian place - the best chicken curry just for 9 EUR! amazing! then we have Thai food that is mostly precooked or heated food! this week i'm not into this :/ no no no! as well italian pizzeria, with delicious but huge, so hardly eatable pizzas for 10 eur! as well panini place near the office 4.20 EUR. having more time to eat, we go further and try other restaurants, but still price and quality doesn't correlate in Monaco.

then back to works after lunch, what sometimes is really difficult if i had a glass of wine during the lunch :x.

when work is finished i'm running to a train, and back to Nice. the nicest fountain i have found in here is in Place Massena. i love standing or sitting near! it so refreshing (as the wind blows :))!

afterwards i go for a swim!! loving it! i do water aerobics as often as i can! it's much more fun(waves) and easier (salt) to do all exercises! and swim swim swim...

Dinner usually at home, that's why: i love guests that prepare food! or somewhere out :D

weekend is a different story :x

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